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Recommended Reading

Till I come, give heed to reading, to entreaty, to teaching.   
1 Timothy 4:14

The Concordant Literal New Testament is the bible I prefer. I like the way they
transliterate from Greek to English. Unlike many other versions the CLNT, where
possible, used one English word for one Greek word, so with that you have a
consistant vocabulary throughout the text.

An example would be the Greek word aion. If you were to transliterate that Greek
word into English you would have the word eon. An eon is a period of time, long or short in duration, it never means eternity, as eternity means having no beginning or

What most other versions have done was interpret the Greek word aion, as well as
the adjective aionian into the English words; eternity, eternal, forever, forever and
ever (what ever that means), world, coarse, infinity, time and universe. The CLNT
has kept true to the Greek thereby giving us an accurate transliteration of the Greek words aion and aionian; eon, and eonion (belonging to an eon). In doing
this it clears up a lot of false teaching concerning the fate of humanity.

You can order it from; Concordant Publishing Concern.
In Canada; donbast2h@gmail.com
In USA; www.concordant.org or www.studyshelf.com

This is Don's first book. When you open to the first page Don writes;

Simple Answers to Hard
Questions and Other

And that's what Don has achieved. On page 28, Don writes;
"Our challenge is to 'Herald the Word,' not our theories."

On page 33 Don say's; "Everyone who hears and loves truth, when it is revealed,
has the promise that more will be added to them....When the love of the truth is
not recieved, an operation of deception kicks into motion" (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11).

In the chapter "The Love of God" Don writes; "There is no doubt that faith plays a 
necessary part in our salvation; but it is not the most important factor, like many
evangelists would have us believe. Faith is vital: it is the vehicle or the channel by
which we are saved; but it is not the source."
Don reveals the Source in this book.
This book is packed with answers to many of the questions we all have.

To Order "What is Truth?" email Don at; donbast2h@gmail.com 

This was one of the first books I read when I came to the realization that God is reconciling all to Himself, through His Son Christ Jesus.

Some of the subjects Stephen brings to light are,

"The Three Resurrections"

"The Fire Of God"

"The Lake Of Fire"

"The Restoration Of All Things"

"The Sovereignty Of God"

And several more.

Stephen uses both Old and New Testament scriptures to bring these truths to light.

There is a new expanded version of this book. It can be ordered at:


I have read this book four times. It is an easy read of about a hundred pages.
When I say easy, I don't mean a light-hearted, sunshine in your face, read.This
short book will open the readers eyes to why the religion called "Christianity" is
in the state it is in. This book is a short commentary on our apostle Paul's last letter
to the body of Christ, 2 Timothy.

Clyde gives brief thoughts on the four chapters of this letter to Timothy. Paul (in his
 second letter to Timothy) warns Timothy of deceptive teachers that had already
crept into the ecclesia's across Asia, and he tells us that that was only the beginning.
In the later days it would only get worse.

Clyde writes; "2 Timothy 3 is a history of 'Christiandom.' No wonder these passages
match so well, because the members of the Body of Christ have joined the Gentile
world-coarse, and now they have the character of the world and its religion (i.e. "the
mystery of iniquity"), instead of having the character of Christ manifested in their
lives (i.e. "the mystery of godliness")!"

You think the religion called "Christianity" is bad now?

Give it a few more years.

To Order "The Church in Ruins" Go to Clyde's Site;  www.studyshelf.com

This is my go to book on the topic of "NO HELL"  I first read this book about ten years
ago, and I have read it once every year since then.

This book is so easy to read, and understand, that you have to wonder where the doctrine
of eternal torment came from (because it certainly isn't in the scriptures). Bob gives the
answer in one short paragraph on page 45;

"Our present day notion of "hell" as a place where the wicked and unsaved will be tormented in fire for eternity comes not from the Word of God, but from pagan philosophy
 and myth. The Greeks saw Hades as the spirit world, or an intermediate state. Their myths developed images of Hades that have been preserved to the present day."

Bob then goes into detail dispelling this false doctrine that has horrified billions of
Christians over the centuries.

To Order "The End Of The Ages....The Abolition Of Hell" Go to Bob's Site;

The Problem of Evil is the best book I have read. I can't recommend this book more strongly than to say; "Buy it and read it, until you get it."

Knoch has written a masterpiece. This book will clear up every misconception that religion
has foisted on unsuspecting believers about the purpose of evil in the world, what it's source is, why it is allowed to persist, and what its outcome will be. As well as the purpose of judgment. This is really two books in one. "The Judgments of God" is a complement to "The Purpose of Evil."

From the Preface;
"A stranger coming into Christendom would certainly deduce from literature of the day that there are two great powers struggling for supremacy, one good, and one evil, and that the evil was not only uppermost at present, but would eternally prevail over the good. Only a feeble fraction would be saved from the clutches of the evil one. A believer, however, may see by faith that, at present, the evil in the world is in accord with the Scriptures, and an essential ingredient in God's plan...... All mankind must learn to realize what God is to them by an actual experience of what it means to be without Him.... The object of human justice is quite different from God's. Men must protect society by removing objectionable members from it, either for a time, by imprisonment, or finally, by death. Divine judgment has an entirely different aim.....God's judgments are corrective; they set matters right."

To Order "The Purpose of Evil"    In Canada; donbast2h@gmail.com
                                                In USA; www.studyshelf.com or www.concordant.org 

Martin wrote this book for every person who feels that their lifestyle hinders their walk with God, or in other words, what religion tells you hinders your walk with God.
Here's a couple of excerpts;

" If Christ is in you, the body is indeed dead, yet the spirit is life (Romans 8:10). In other words, your spirit soars long before your body figures out what is going on. If you're expecting your body to keep up with your revelations, you're setting yourself up for discouragement......Have you ever seen a chicken with its head cut off?.....the chicken continues running around the farm until its body catched up with what just happened..... Christ delivered a deathblow to sin. Because of His work on the cross, sin can no longer condemn us. The tricky part about this is that this truth is much smarter than our bodies. Our freedom from sin is won long before we stop sinning. Like the chicken's sprinting frame, our bodies are slow to realize what has been accomplished in the spiritual realm...... Grace delivers us, not from our flesh, but from the war with our flesh....Most people think that a slave to sin is someone who sins. But this is not the whole truth. A slave to Sin is just as much someone who fights his or her sin as someone who indulges it..........Are there certain things in your life that you know are wrong but you do them anyway? Over and over again? Then welcome to the book that will change your life. This book is not for smokers only, but for anyone plagued by nagging weaknesses. You are about to become free from them, not through vigorous self-analysis, and moral exercise, but by the most powerful tool in the universe: A revelation of God's truth concerning them."

I have given away several copies of this book, every person who called me afterwards has said one thing; "Thank-you." With a sigh of relief.

To Order "How To Be Free From Sin While Smoking A Cigarette" Go to Martin's site.

This is an indepth book on a contaversial subject. Not contraversial to me, but to those who believe that the "second death-lake of fire" is a literal condition and place of either , burn up (annialate), or burn on for eternity. Neither of these views are held by Phil, nor by myself.

Phil takes the reader step by step down a comprehensive road to an understanding of what the Second Death is, as well as the first death.

I liked this book because it is a conclusion that I came to over twenty years ago (from scripture), then from an article by A.P. Adams on the Second Death (I will be posting that article in the future). Later I read a book titled "Creation's Jubilee" by Stephen Jones, that touched on this subject as well.

On page 69 Phil writes;

"Because the lake of fire is definitive of the second death, the nature of the lake of fire must be determined. The lake of fire is known prior to the great white throne judgment, being extant throughout the thousand years. Yet the lake of fire is not called the "second death" until the time of the great white throne judgment. Does the great white throne judgment cause a change in the lake of fire? What will the lake of fire be during the millennium? A brief overview of the use of fire throughout the scriptures will provide a basis for understanding what is meant in these final pages of the book."

Phil then goes into detail into the word "fire" in the scriptures.

To Order "Journey to and Through the Second Death"   www.amazon.com

On the back cover Martin say's;

"This man just saved himself-- or did he.


Human belief is a gift of God that acquaints people with something God already did. People do have faith, and they do have will, but the believing and the willing originated outside themselves. Belief is a gift that follows salvation; it does not precede it. So no man should think: I did it!

The startling result?

We are not saved because we believe; we believe because we are saved."

If you are a believer in freewill, you won't like this book. But I can guarantee you this;
when you finish reading this very easy to read book of 60 plus pages, you will have doubts
about the God "you" have chosen, because the God that "you"  have chosen is a god of your own making.

To Order "The Really Bad Thing About Free Will"  Go to Martin's Site.

Gerry takes the reader step by step through mans attempt to prove God created a hell for all who will not, and do not believe in Him, and at their appointed time of dying casts them into it, and then say it is their own fault for being there because they refused to believe in Him, and after Gerry exposes this heinous teaching for what it is: A LIE, he leads the reader on a journey to the truth: "There is hope beyond the false teachings about hell."

Gerry shows that if hell is real it couldn't be the final fate of those who do not believe by using the same scriptures those who believe in hell use to prove its existence, Gerry proves of its nonexistence.

On page 176 Gerry asks:

"What is God like? Is He kind? Is He cruel? Is He loving? Is He evil? Is He fair? These are questions that matter, the questions all people want answered. This is no peripheral issue for it affects our very concept of God. And that, affects everything- absolutely everything!"......" How will He wipe away all tears in heaven? By a lobotomy of the memory of our lost loved ones in hell, or by His great power and wisdom in winning the hearts of their rebellion?"

Gerry satisfactorily answers these and many other questions concerning the fate of all humankind, that even the hardest, most dogmatic adherent of hell will see, from the scriptures, that God never, ever will lose one member of His creation to such a place, but all will be with Him throughout eternity.

You can order this book from Gerry's site Hope Beyond Hell. Or you can download it for free at the same site. 

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