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Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me (Address below). The writers that you will read here, all believe in the reconciliation of all. Some have different outlooks, and insights than others, all are seekers. I believe that the scriptures will often speak differently to one person than they will to another. Some articles you read may not line up with what you at present believe, I encourage you to search these things out, and not do as many do, dismiss them because a popular teacher may not agree. If you have an article that you would like entered here, just send it to me and I will read it, and contact you for clarity (if necessary) and possibly post it. Seeking truth is always a work in progress, and God has seen fit to not leave it in the hands of a few individuals, He has spread it out in nuggets among those who are seeking it. This is one reason why I believe all of us have some truth to share, to help all grow in Him.


It takes time to crystallize a new approach to a supposedly settled teaching. When a thought is bitterly opposed we should not only make note of it, but give it some serious study, because truth has always been bitterly opposed by those who profess to love it most. Real truth seekers are not easily deterred from their pursuit by threat of disfellowship, or ostracism, since they consider it a privilege to suffer for truth's sake. We must build our faith upon the clear-cut admonition of the Scriptures rather than upon the superstitions of the dark ages.

Unknown Author

I, (like those who have and will contribute to this site, both contemporary as well as from the past) am a seeker of truth from the scriptures. I have witnessed the spirit of confusion that religion has left in its wake, and like those who contribute to this site, I believe that God is far greater than what religion says of Him. Throughout my years of study I have seen that God saves us from a condition not a location, I have seen the doctrines of orthodox religion disappear from the pages of the Bible. Teachings about hell, freewill, limited atonement, an angry God, and many other false teachings have been exposed for what they are, false. Myself, and others who will contribute to this site, don't claim to have all the answers, but we do have answers. We also don't claim to know all there is to know, we are searching the scriptures to see if they have it so (Acts 17:11). My hope is that when you enter this site, you enter with an open, unbiased mind, and when you leave this site, you will leave with a greater understanding of the God Who not only loves all His creation, but the God Who will draw all His creation to Himself at the end of the ages. 

 Rick Longva

For this is ideal and welcome in the sight of our
Saviour, God, Who wills that all mankind be saved
and come into a realization of the truth.

1 Timothy 2:3-4.

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